Posted by Bayley Jones | 14 02 2017
Fave Local Designers – Rosey and Vittori

Local designers for Rosey and Vittori, Steven Rosenbaum and Isabella Bisognio, just showcased an incredible range at this year's Lexus SA Mens Week. After months of hard work designing their incredible fashion week line, the result is that not only is their collection right on trend, but they have got everyone talking! See the feature below...

pokemon go halo effect
Posted by Bayley Jones | 19 07 2016
Pokémon Go: How to revive a brand and create a global craze in just over a week

In just a little over a week, it's safe to say that many of us have lost loved ones to this new game, been inundated with Pokemon Go memes on social media, and have added the words "zoo bat" and "charizard" to our vocabulary - albeit involuntarily. Although it's not for everyone, you do have to...

Posted by Bayley Jones | 10 06 2016
The Glorification of Busy

There is this one quote that I stumbled across a while back while I was trawling my way through either Pinterest or Instagram, but unlike the majority of quotes and statements that I see on a regular basis, this one really stuck with me: It simply said, "Stop the glorification of busy." (more…)

Posted by Bayley Jones | 03 05 2016
How ‘Wool & The Gang’ knitted their way to Instagram business success

Instagram for business? Yes please! Instagram is a platform that allows anyone with the vision to become an art director, a fashion editor and the big boss of their own brand. UK brand, Wool & the Gang are passionate about what they call "Crazy, Sexy Wool" ...a textile that is oh so warm, snuggly and...

Posted by Bayley Jones | 14 03 2016
Don’t be a twit: Practicing good Twitter Etiquette

The rise of Social Media, and more specifically Twitter, meant that ordinary citizens like you and I, were all able to practice freedom of speech, promote self-expression, and easily debate with millions of people across the world in extraordinary ways. Not only is this revolution hugely liberating, but it's also immensely powerful when you consider the change that it can...

Posted by Bayley Jones | 09 03 2016
What in the World Are You Waiting For?

We have been working closely with one of our most valuable clients, Angelique du Toit, who is soon to be releasing her much-anticipated second book, titled 'What In The World Are You Waiting For?' And lucky us, because not only did we get the exclusive opportunity to read a pre-released copy of this life-transformational book, but we...