What in the World Are You Waiting For?

We have been working closely with one of our most valuable clients, Angelique du Toit, who is soon to be releasing her much-anticipated second book, titled ‘What In The World Are You Waiting For?’ And lucky us, because not only did we get the exclusive opportunity to read a pre-released copy of this life-transformational book, but we had the honour of designing the cover!

This is one very inspirational woman, whose book will take you through a journey of self-discovery.

Angelique du Toit details the seemingly impossible obstacles that she faced in her life.

Angelique du Toit WITW Front CoverObstacles that left her contemplating whether it was even worth living. She illustrates how through the power of choice, she was able to overcome her circumstances and become one exceptionally successful businesswoman. In this book, Angelique equips readers with practical solutions that can be experienced instantly and consistently.

We are very excited about this book – Mom, you are one remarkable woman.

To order your copy of ‘What in The World Are You Waiting For?’ head over to Angelique’s website – and hurry, because there is a March Only Special where you’ll receive a FREE DVD – 2 hours of teaching on ‘Greatness Was Designed With You In Mind.’



What in The World Are You Waiting For?

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