How ‘Wool & The Gang’ knitted their way to Instagram business success

Instagram for business? Yes please!

Instagram is a platform that allows anyone with the vision to become an art director, a fashion editor and the big boss of their own brand. UK brand, Wool & the Gang are passionate about what they call “Crazy, Sexy Wool” …a textile that is oh so warm, snuggly and most of all, making a big come back.

“Before, fashion brands were at the mercy of fashion editors,” says Jade Harwood, co-Founder of Wool and the Gang. “Now we use Instagram to build our personality and create stories.”

Powered by the belief that fashion should be made with love, and not mass-produced, co-Founders, Jade Hardwood and Aurelie Popper, started Wool and the Gang. A place for knitting lovers everywhere, customers can either purchase hand knitted items made by makers in their homes, or order kits that have everything they need to knit the items themselves.

woolandthegangOn Instagram, the unique fashion experience shares stories of their knits, products, maker “gang” and other knitting delights. “It’s a great way to push brand awareness and new products,” says Aurelie. “Instagram has been key to our growth and business model.”

Watch how this London-based company uses the power of Instagram to grow its business and inspire knitters everywhere.

We are all visual communicators, and as Instagram is a potent visual platform, ask yourself this… isn’t it time you used Instagram to launch YOUR business?



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